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Ame's Resource Roundup

(Aka some of my FAVE tools/courses/etc I've used to grow my biz!)

NOTE: Links on this page may be affiliate links. That means I get a small commission when you buy something through my link - at no extra cost to you. I won't ever recommend products that I haven't used myself or had recommended to me by someone I trust.

Additionally, in some cases, I may offer Starre Cash if you purchase something through my link. I'll always state this when applicable.

Featured Promotions (Time Sensitive!)

Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Summit - Claire Paniccia (FREE!)

A free 4-day online event to help you toss out the “rules” and build your online business to work for YOUR unique brain.

*Get $100 Starre Cash when you buy the Busy Brains Pass through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!

Low Ticket Live - Elizabeth Goddard (FREE!)

Get inspired to create your next high-value low ticket offer with innovative strategies + creative ideas from the top minds in online business!

*Get $100 Starre Cash when you purchase the Ultimate Play Pass upgrade through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!


40 Free Listings - Etsy

Ever thought about starting your own Etsy shop? Worried about the listing fees? Sign up with my link and we'll both get 40 listings for free!

Sunflower Calendar 2024 - Faith's Biz Academy

This calendar includes a total of 16 pages and comes with commercial use rights!

My Lemony Daily Planner - Aimee K Agency

The zesty and vibrant "My Lemony Daily Planner" with PLR is your citrus-inspired companion for organizing your day with a splash of sunshine! With 21 pages of US Letter size Canva templates, this planner is your go-to for turning mundane routines into refreshing moments of productivity and joy.

The 10 Day Offer - Lizzy Goddard

In this free training you'll learn the exact things you need to decide and do every day to get your new offer out into the world, and into the (paying) hands of the people who need it most.

Party Game Templates - Passive Income Journeys

Stock your printable shop quickly with this set of 9 party game templates - easily customizable in Canva!

Copyright Notice Template - Lucrezia of Legals for Business Owners

You've worked hard to create your content, now it’s time to protect it from thieves and copycats! Download this plug-and-play template drafted by a top-class lawyer and get your content legally protected in less than 5 minutes!

The Content Marketing Ecosystem Workbook - Claire Paniccia

Tired of trying to be on aaaaall the platforms? Reach your goals with strategic content marketing that actually works for your brain 🧠

Good riddance to spending all your time on all the platforms, especially the ones you haaaaate. This free workbook helps you figure out which content platforms will work for your brain.


Email Marketing Membership - Liz Wilcox ($9/mo)

Joining EMM gets you access to weekly email templates, swipe examples, weekly video email mini-trainings on how to use the templates and swipes to build a list of buyers - and more!

Brilliant Biz + Life Academy - Leonie Dawson ($199/yr)

When you join the Academy you get access to EVERYTHING Leonie has created, including templates, courses, workshops, guest experts, and more!

*Get $100 Starre Cash when you join through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!

Creative Fabrica All Access Pass ($60/yr)

Creative Fabrica offers nearly unlimited graphics, fonts, patterns, craft tutorials... you name it! Buy assets individually, or save by grabbing the All Access Pass that (you guessed it) gives you access to EVERYTHING! Plus, it all comes with a commercial license!

*Get $50 Starre Cash when you buy the All Access pass with my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!

Low Cost Options

Database to Dollars - Passive Income Superstars ($9)

Learn how to create and sell Airtable products!

Small But Mighty $9 Offers - Elizabeth Goddard ($9)

The super-meta, teeny-tiny course that gives experienced digital product creators the inside scoop on adding a bite-sized $9 offer to their business.

Lightning Fast Printable Creation - Faith Lee ($9)

Learn the 2 phases of the printable creation process and 9 tips to speed things up, so you can create more in less time and make money faster!

Affiliate Promo Pages Made Easy - Aimee K Agency ($9)

Learn to craft your own WordPress affiliate page using the free Elementor plugin, enhancing your earning potential while ensuring email compliance. Say goodbye to spam filters and hello to sustainable affiliate income!

Hosting a Points Frenzy to Boost Engagement - Aimee K Agency ($9)

Elevate your subscriber engagement with "Hosting a Points Frenzy to Boost Engagement." Learn to invigorate your audience, gather insights, and amplify interaction with dynamic events.

Magically Customized Onboarding Forms - Jaimie Lee Creative ($9)

A quick & simple training that shows you how to build a flexible, easily-updated onboarding form that wows your clients.

Attract the Best, Repel the Rest - Claire Paniccia ($9)

A short and sweet video training to help you make your values transparent and only attract right-fit people to your business (the ones who share your values!) — without spending a week creating a Values Statement page or sounding sanctimonious or stuffy.

Tools I Love

Thrivecart ($495)

An amazing all-in-one tool that lets you set up sales funnels, checkout pages, digital products and courses, and so much more!

*Get $300 Starre Cash when you buy through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!

Marketing Magic - Meneske Stewart (starting at $29/mo after free trial)

The ultimate small business tool to take your marketing from zero to hero in a handful of keystrokes and a few clicks, Marketing Magic is an AI-powered business growth tool that helps small business owners grow their brands, not their to-do lists.

ConfettiPage (FREE!)

With ConfettiPage, you can put super fun confetti animations on your website to create a better user experience for your customers. Plus, there's no coding needed!

Other Faves

Legal Pages & Policies Bundle - Lucrezia of Legals for Business Owners ($247)

This bundle has everything you need to make sure your business is legally protected, including templates for a privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclosure, copyright, disclaimer, and more - plus bonuses! Lucrezia is a professional lawyer and has a PhD in law, so she really knows her stuff!

*Get $200 Starre Cash when you buy through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!

Sales Page Success - Jaimie Lee Creative ($450)

Your one-stop-shop to preparing, writing, & designing a sales page that connects, empowers, & converts. Includes 12-part copy framework, copy template, design template, tech tutorials, and even Voxer office hours to ensure you get full support!

*Get $400 Starre Cash when you buy through my link! Just forward your receipt to within 30 days of purchase!